In This Chic Society Our Tradition Went Astray

In This Chic Society Our Tradition Went Astray

In This Chic Society Our Tradition Went Astray!

Recently, with a sip of coffee, I went down my memory lane. It has been a week since my daughter’s annual day at school, however, something is still pestering me. The thought that how our tradition is shirked today, keep haunting me. Everyone is enticed by the wonderland stories and theatre of spectacular opulence. Our tradition has lost its place in today’s tumult of fashion. And, most of the schools today leave tradition to its fate, doing little to resurrect it.

My daughter’s school had invited all the parents cordially to their annual day. The annual day agenda was mostly occupied by the flamboyant dance shows, songs and dramas. However, what they forgot to imbibe in their soirée is some traditional dresses in India and animal costumes. Gone are the days when a drummer set his beat to the sound of kids running after them. Lost are those when monkeys dance at the rhyth

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