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Who we are…

  • Welcome to Party Hunterz!
    We uphold our motto ‘work hard, party harder’.
    And as one would have it, we’ve to work hard to enjoy the partying that follows.
    When people think of a party store, they immediately think of celebrations of all kinds- birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, seasonal holidays and the likes. Party Hunterz offers you an experience that goes beyond merchandising with its versatile product line that leaves no stone unturned in the party arena. 

    We truly are a –‘one stop party shop’.

What could be more fun than owning and running a party store?

  • We make sure you receive a collection of the most popular party items from around the world procured and put together creatively, resulting in one of the most sought-after party collections in India.  A Party Hunterz franchise will provide a business model that focuses on building and developing a party store that will urge you to enter the high profitable $10.5 billion party store industry in the world today. In today’s tough economic times people still wish to make their special day memorable. In 2009 survey conducted by a party and paper retailer found that one-third of party store owners intend to expand even in this economic condition as the demand promotes expansion and is viable.
    A well stocked and varied collection of almost every conceivable party item, coupled with quality and a price to fit all budgets, truly makes putting together a party, effortless!
    At Party Hunterz we have a professional in house team (trained by pioneers in the field), training new store owners to provide specialized services in addition to merchandising, that are highly profitable and in high demand by prospective customers like putting together balloon bouquets, creative balloon art and decoration, personalized delivery and customization.

    People don’t really need an occasion to party. If they can find a reason, we’ve got something for every season - All under one roof! The perfect solution to all your party needs.

    You’ll have the perfect opportunity to make people happy every day, as they share their special occasions with their loved ones.

 An Industry with a bright future

  • Regardless of fluctuations in the economy and the Covid-19 Pandamic The Party Industry all over the world have been the front line workers keeping your celebrations of loved ones going.
  • With job security on the management level is less stable than ever. “Global economic” has spawned mergers, and one of the very real by-products of these mergers are the rise of “downsizing”. Industries that once seemed secure have been made obsolete by new technologies. Fortunately, there is no new technology on the horizon that can replace a concept of a party store.


Ask yourself…

  • Is this a franchise for you?
    We at Party Hunterz are extremely passionate about what we do; our business requires this undying commitment. The success of a party store has its challenges

    Can you think beyond just business?
    Are you a good sales representative?
    Are you a people person?
    Are you creative?
    Are you a party planner?

Training and support

  • This training starts with an introduction to all our department heads, followed by a detailed tour of the store, next the manager briefs you on the history and concept of Party Hunterz that has made it what it is today and what your training for the next few days is going to be all about. The training sessions are lively, interactive and informative.

    Party hunterz 5 days training program includes:
    •    Basic understanding of the entire product line.
    •    Store merchandise display, window displays and layout.
    •    Customer relationship and handling.
    •    Logistics, reordering and in-store restocking.
    •    Event-planning and execution.
    •    Balloon art theory practical.
    •    Promotions via social media and other marketing tools.
  • Basic understanding of the product :
    Party hunterz has over 2000 products which cover all the aspects of themed decor from the disposables to the decor and favors. We stock accessories and costumes to add to your themed parties and off course a variety of balloons that would match our entire themes particular theme. All this explained to you in detail.
    Store merchandise display, window displays and layout:
    This is a vital part of the training, as every customer who walks in can select what they require in an organized manner whilst having all the merchandise displayed theme-wise. The entire look of the store including the window display has to be such that it even attracts people walking by that entice them to come in.
    Customer relationship and handling:
    Interaction with customers on their needs, advising them on party ideas, store policies and having them leave satisfied and wanting to come back for more.
    Logistics, reordering and in-store restocking:
    Layout of stockroom and daily restocking of the store. Procedures followed for reordering.
    Event-planning and execution:
    Conceptualizing and execution of a party, presentation to the client, event costing and outsourcing of entertainment and themed cakes etc and vendor relationship.
    Balloon art theory and practical:
    Explanation of the different quality of balloons. Selection of balloons that 
    Match themes. Practical training on balloon art.
    Promotions via social media and other marketing tools:
    Designing and updating of Facebook and other social media platforms, tie-ups with corporate, hotels, event planners, pubs/clubs and party rooms etc.
  • Online Sales:
    Procedures on how online sales are handled and executed..


Balloon Boutique concept.

1.Creates a destination look for All Party Hunterz stores with a Professional Balloon Service model.

2.Differentiates from the competition.

3.Facilitates the sales process by offering a clear sales proposition for your customers:

  • Designated Balloon Area in Store.
  • Professional Portfolio of designs.
  • Annual Marketing programme.

4.Increases the average transactional sale on balloons by providing the stores with specialised training to offer bouquets and balloon compositions that maximise sales.

5.Provides an annual marketing support package.


  • To ensure your success of the programme, upon launching the retailer will receive:

–Professional Point of Sale materials,

  • Bouquet Book & display holder
  • Header board and side panels
  • Plinth and shelf
  • Display hooks
  • Helium equipment (chargeable)

–Tailored Planogram with recommended product list and merchandising planogram

–Annual Marketing Programme

–Technical and sales training